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One to One Comprehensive

Performance nutrition is the systematic use of nutrition science to improve sporting performance and is increasingly being used not only by elite athletes but also enthusiastic amateurs who take their performance seriously . There are three areas of sporting performance where performance nutrition may be applied, namely the prevention of illness and injury, facilitation of adaptation from training, and improvement of competition performance.

The OOC is a bespoke service tailored specifically to an individual athlete or client. The service comprehensively works to reach your goals and applies a scientific evidence based approach. The service includes but is not limited to

  1. Complete dietary analysis / identification of potential deficiencies
  2. Specific dietary recommendations based on the physiological demands of your sport and training
  3. Individualised guidance on competition / race days
  4. Realistic and achievable timeframes
  5. Joint accountability for sport specific regulations / use of ergogenic aids
  6. Frequent monitoring, feedback and evaluation

A basic understanding of nutrition and adherence is required, along with the ability to work to and with specifically designed training programs and nutritional intakes. This is a no nonsense approach which requires dedication and commitment.

£220 for the first 3 months made payable upfront, £60 per month thereafter. Available online or in person.

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