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Steve C.

Lifestyle and Performance

I sought Katie's help/advice in July 2021 with the aim of building strength and losing fat before my 40th birthday in April 2022. Having tried various plans and diets in the past I was fed up with great initial results but ending up in the same position or worse six months down the road. I already put plenty of work in at the gym and out running and needed a plan I could stick to long term, and that delivered sustainable results.


Through regular one to one meet ups and check ins, Katie has taken the time to get to know me and my routines etc and created a bespoke ever evolving nutritional plan for me. She has helped me to understand my body's nutritional needs, how to manage them long term and fit them around having a young family, work, and an occasional social life. She has even advised what type of activities to focus on or cut back on to maximise results at various stages.


With Katie's support, I achieved my goals and hit many new lifting and running PBs along the way. I've since set new targets and my exercise regime has changed, but Katie and her ever evolving nutritional advice has been with me every step.