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Caitlin D.


When I reached out to Katie for some programming support I didn’t realise what an important person I was bringing into my life. I run a gym myself and, although I’ve got all the gear and most certainly somewhat of an idea, I didn’t have the capacity to keep myself inspired, focussed and accountable. I needed to be the client, not the coach!


Katie instantly knew to work mindfully around the physical and mental demands of my job. She nailed the programming style from day dot. With every check in, she knew when to drive the accountability and when to pull back. I’ve made more strength, technique and fitness gains in the past eight months than I have in the past eight years! Competing well at the National Fitness Games recently proved what a transformation Studio Four’s programming has been for me. Katie’s helped me to find confidence in my abilities and is slowly unlocking another level of athlete - I’d have never called myself that a year ago!


Before meeting Katie, I’d tracked my nutrition with the sole focus of fat loss for fat loss’s sake, and found myself in a bit of a scary place with it mentally. But Katie’s approach to this has been so full of care, sensitivity and always backed by science. I’ve trusted her implicitly and have found a far healthier relationship to food, along with better results both aesthetically and in the gym. What I didn’t know eight months ago was how much of a business mentor, life coach and friend Katie would become. After all, she’s walked in my new-business-owner-shoes, but if I can be half the business woman, coach, athlete and mentor that she is, I’ll be a very happy lady. Thank you, Katie.