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Lesley S.


Katie has been coaching me for around 9 months. This has been an entirely positive experience which has allowed me to consider what I really want to achieve from my fitness and set new goals. Initially I wanted to work on the technical aspect of my olympic lifting, because of Katie I am now more efficient with my lifts, lifting a heavier weight but more than that I understand the lifts. In gymnastics I have been working on toes to bar (TTB) and kipping pull ups.


At the start I could not really perform TTB and certainly couldn't get my toe to the bar, but with the tailored programming from Katie I am now consistently hitting the bar, for multiple reps and my kipping pull ups are looking smooth. I am currently learning ring muscle-ups and I am so impressed with the progress I am making and am sure I will soon be performing these too.


On this journey Katie has always been there to provide support, and offer advice. She has helped me understand the importance of nutrition in relation to my fitness. Being in my forties and perimenopausal I have also felt safe to ask Katie many questions surrounding this and we are working together to ensure this doesn't become a factor that dictates my fitness and potential. Katie is a fantastic coach and her knowledge of fitness, nutrition and females is second to none. I feel lucky to have her as my coach.