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Debbie P.


I have been working with Katie for 8 months now and not only have I learned so much about nutrition and exercise, I have also had some great results! My main reason for enlisting Katie’s help was to “stop having food on my mind”. There is so much information out there, some real, some misleading. So many “professionals” (often with conflicting advice), not to mention the various fads and food trends, that I found it really hard to know what to eat and even how much. I was at a point where I was eating less and less, training hard and yet not feeling or looking that great.


Katie helped me understand how the body works, how it responds to food and, with her guidelines I could work out what suited me. She is always there with advice and help when you need it, encouraging you out of your comfort zone. I have had some obvious and measurable positive outcomes, like new PBs and weight loss, but for me the main wins are the mental ones. To feel ready for training before each session, to have that extra energy at the end of a workout, to be able to push a little harder (rather than to just “get through” the workout) and to be able to eat mainly what I like when I like. Many menopause symptoms (sleeplessness, brain fog, tiredness) have disappeared and it’s great to know that my body actually works as it should and that I am doing the right thing to support my long term health and fitness. Thanks Katie!